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Worlds of Magic


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    21 Mar 2015
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Worlds of Magic

Worlds of Magic-FLT (PC/ENG/2015)
English | PC | 2015 | 1.62 GB
Genre: RPG

Worlds of Magic is a turn based 4X strategy game set in a fantasy universe. Like all 4X games it is set on the foundation of: Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate. Worlds of Magic contains all the elements you would expect. City founding and management, unit construction and army management as well as turn based battles. The Worlds of Magic universe is procedurally generated and no two games have to be the same. The universe itself is composed of a number of different "planes" that can all be explored and conquered. In additional to the basic 4X elements Worlds of Magic also includes a deep magic system including spells, summoned creatures and magical artifacts, hero units with specialized talents, capable of wielding magical items and combat mechanics based on the popular D20 OGL system. Players attempt to conquer the universe using a combination of magical, military, economic and even political power Worlds of Magic is meant to be a true spiritual successor to the PC classic Master of Magic.

Create your own sorcerer lord

- Customize your own Sorcerer Lord to rule the empire or choose a pre-generated character
- Select from 13 spell circles that will determine which of the over 400 spells your lord can learn
- Choose from over 40 disciplines that give your lord specific advantages or disadvantages
- Pick one of 8 races to be the first in your empire

Explore unique multiverse

- Seven Planes of Existence all with their own special features
- Select the size of the universe and customize the planes
- Each plane can be up to 256x128 world tiles
- Over 40 types of world features filled with guardians and loot

Expand to increase your power:

- Over 50 different kinds of buildings to improve your settlements
- Over 100 unique military units to recruit and magical creatures to summon
- Found new settlements to increase your empire's power
- Conquer neutral and enemy cities to extend your borders

Exploit the universe to your advantage

- 12 types of terrain spread throughout the planes, each offering their own benefits
- Over 25 different world resources that can improve production or be used to craft artifacts
- Capture cities of different races in order to add their military units to your armies
- Use diplomacy to get an edge over your enemies

Exterminate your foes:

- Play out combat on a tactical battle board or auto-calculate to save time
- Hire heroes and equip them with magical weapons and armor
- Units gain experience and become more powerful as they achieve victory after victory
- Use tactical, strategic, and global spells to destroy your enemies

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