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X-Men Origins Wolverine


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    21 Mar 2015
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X-Men Origins Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine � Activision

05/2009 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Securom
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an epic action-adventure featuring a
true-to-character Wolverine gameplay experience that takes gamers through
and beyond the movie's storyline. Set in a variety of vivid real-world
locales, the title challenges players to hone their animal instinct as they
uncover hidden dangers, hunt and destroy enemies, and take on seemingly
insurmountable situations while discovering the truth about Wolverine?s
tragic past. With razor-sharp adamantium claws unsheathed, the future X-Man
enacts lightning-quick combat, evasive maneuvers, in-depth combo attacks,
and an array of brutal finishing moves. Wolverine doesn't just deliver
massive damage, either, he also takes it, thanks to his mutant regenerative
power that heals him in real time right before the player's eyes.

Uncage Wolverine's tragic past and discover how the ultimate weapon was
created. Unleash the razor sharp adamantium claws, feral instincts and
mutant regeneration power of the world's fiercest hero. Visceral combat.
Pure rage. Epic battles. Take on the impossible in your hunt to uncover the
secrets of Weapon X - then exact your revenge.

* Go through 5 main Acts that tie in to the movie as well as levels that
are specific to these skus; such as the Sentinel factory and the birth of
the Sentinel Prototype.

* Designed on the Unreal Engine.

* The Wolverine game that the fans asked for.

* Environmental Hazards that can work for or against you while fighting.

* Familiar friends and foes from the upcoming movie; Hugh Jackman as
Logan/Wolverine, Liev Schreiber as Victor/Sabretooth, and Will.I.Am as
John Wraith.

* Cinematic Moments that put you on the "set" making you feel like you are
controlling a movie.

* Real Time damage regeneration.

* Familiar unlockable outfits as you progress through the game (Yellow/Blue,
Orange/Brown, etc).

* RPG Lite experience that allows you to customize Wolverine's moves and
make him more powerful, or even regenerate faster.

* True-to-character Wolverine - The X-Men's fiercest Super Hero has arrived
in his first true-tocharacter next-gen experience. From Wolverine's
devastating rage attacks to his regenerative abilities, from his feral
senses to his signature style of relentless combat, players will finally
get to uncage Wolverine as never before.

* Relentless Combat - Take control of Wolverine's indestructible adamantium
claws with over onehundred custom moves, reflex quick-kills, and long-range
lunge attacks.

* Cinematic Intensity - Fall to earth from 30,000 feet in the air with no
parachute, lunge through spinning helicopter blades, take on entire
platoons at once - level after level of epic gameplay awaits.

* Real-time Regeneration - Wolverine?s unique regeneration abilities mend
bone and muscle tissue in real-time, allowing for non-stop combat and
impossible risk-taking.

* Astonishing Cast of Marvel Heroes and Villains - To uncover Wolverine's
turbulent past, he must fight with and against the most popular characters
in the Marvel universe. Gambit, Sabretooth, The Blob, and more combine to
make this the most intense action experience in gaming.

* Epic Boss Battles - Go beyond mere minions to battle the biggest, baddest
bosses Wolverine has ever faced including 200-foot tall Sentinels, grotesque
Wendigos, and unyielding Leviathans.

* Rage Powers - Build up your Rage to unlock astonishing special-moves, combos
and contextual attacks.

* Feral Senses - Utilize Wolverine's unique animal instincts to expose
tactical advantages and weak points in enemies, as well as solve puzzles and
discover escape routes.

1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy crack.
5. Play the game.


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