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Vertical SLIDER v2.2 (ing)


Kayıtlı Üye
MFC Üyesi
  • Üyelik Tarihi
    7 Ocak 2015
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<title>Vertical Slider v2.2</title>

<!-- STEP I: Goes between <HEAD> & </HEAD> tags 
             You may keep it, change or ignore it!
             Or linking to an External Style Sheet:
         <LINK REL=StyleSheet HREF="yourstyle.css"> 
             without other style tags -->

<style type="text/css">
A { text-decoration:none;}
A:link { COLOR: blue }
A:visited { COLOR: blue }
A:hover { COLOR: red;background-color:#66ffff; }
.tab { font-weight:bold; font-size:12px; font-family:Arial,Helvetica;}
.tabc { font-weight:bold;font-size:12px;font-family:Arial,Helvetica;color:navy;TEXT-ALIGN: center;}
.slsh { font-weight:bold; font-size:18px; font-family:Arial,Helvetica;color:red;TEXT-ALIGN: center;}

<!-- STEP II: Goes between <HEAD> & </HEAD> tags
              Or linking to an External js file:
<script language="javascript" src="yourfile.js"></script>
              without other script tags -->

<SCRIPT language="javascript">

*   This notice may not be removed 

//slider's width
var swidth=240;

//slider's height
var sheight=50;

//slider's speed
var sspeed=1;
var resspeed=sspeed;
var restart=sspeed;
var rspeed=sspeed;

//slider's background 
var scolor="#ccffcc";

//slider's border
var sborder="2"; 

var imagef='';

//images-1: change to your own set of Images
//Preload is recommended (no downloading check) - otherwise you may skip this:
preload0 = new Image();
preload0.src = "";
preload1 = new Image();
preload1.src = "";
preload2 = new Image();
preload2.src = "";
preload3 = new Image();
preload3.src = "";
// ...

var leftimage=new Array();
//images-2: change to your own set of Hyperlinks and Images parameters
//remove <a ... > & </a> portions where no Hyperlink used
//if no preloading, replace '+ ... +' with the actual Images path "..."
leftimage[0]='<a target="a_new" href=""><img src='+preload0.src+' width=236 height=47 alt="Vertical Scroller - Multiple Message Vertical Scroller v7.0"></a>';
leftimage[1]='<a href=""><img src='+preload1.src+' width=236 height=47 alt="Horizontal Slider 2.2 - Dhtml Horizontal Slide Show"></a>';
leftimage[2]='<a target="a_new" href=""><img src='+preload2.src+' width=236 height=47 alt="Free Vertical Scroller - Multiple Message Scroller 3.0"></a>';
leftimage[3]='<a href=""><img src='+preload3.src+' width=236 height=47 alt="Javascript Vertical Scroller - Multiple Message Vertical Scroller v5.0"></a>';
//leftimage[...]=' ... ';


function goup(){if(sspeed!=rspeed*8){sspeed=sspeed*2;restart=sspeed;}}

function start(){if(********.getElementById){tdiv6=********.getElementById('slider');tdiv6.innerHTML=imagef;thel=tdiv6.offsetHeight;;slidens6();}
else if(********.all){tdivie=slider;tdivie.innerHTML=imagef;thel=tdivie.offsetHeight;;slideie();}else if(********.layers){tdivns4=********.slider1.********.slider2;tdivns4.********.write(imagef);tdivns4.********.close();thel=tdivns4.********.height;;slidens4();}}
function slidens4(){if(<=sheight){;setTimeout("slidens4()",100);}else{;slidens4();}}
function slideie(){if(<=sheight){;setTimeout("slideie()",100);}else{;slideie();}}
function slidens6(){if(parseInt(<=sheight){;setTimeout("slidens6()",100);}else{;slidens6();}}
<!-- End of script between HEAD tags -->

<!-- STEP III: Make sure start() is loaded -->
<BODY onload="start();">

<!-- STEP IV: Place the script below in the BODY where the slide is to appear -->
<!-- You may remove first cell below (<td> ... </td>) to get rid of Speed-change -->
<SCRIPT language="javascript">********.write('<table border=2 align="center" bgcolor="#ccffcc"><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffcc"><div class=tabc><b><a class=tab href="#" onMouseOver="goup();">Speed<br>UP</a></b></div></td><td width='+sheight+'>');if(********.layers)********.write('<span style="borderWidth:0.1px; borderStyle:none; clip:rect(0 '+swidth+' '+sheight+' 0);"><ilayer width='+swidth+' height='+sheight+' name="slider1"><layer class=slsh width='+swidth+' height='+sheight+'>SLIDING SHOW</layer><layer width='+swidth+' height='+sheight+' name="slider2" onMouseover="sspeed=0;" onMouseout="sspeed=resspeed"></layer></ilayer></span>');else {********.write('<div style="position:relative;overflow:hidden;width:'+swidth+';height:'+sheight+';clip:rect(0 '+swidth+' '+sheight+' 0);"><div class=slsh style="position:absolute;width:'+swidth+';height:'+sheight+';">SLIDING SHOW</div><div id="slider" style="position:relative;width:'+swidth+';" onMouseover="sspeed=0;" onMouseout="sspeed=resspeed"></div></div>');}</SCRIPT></td></tr></table>

<!-- End of code between BODY tags -->
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